Half-Life in 21 minutes Spherical Nightmares in 6:01 Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Coming Soon Portal Inbounds in 10:47 Residual Life speedrun - Coming Soon Portal 2 Done Perfect - Coming Soon Mountain Caves in 0:18 Half-Life 2: DWaHMoV - HL2 Speedrun in 1:27:31 Mission Improbable in 4:32 DangerousWorld in 10:34 Aberration in 2:52 Precursor in 9:29 Half-Life 2: Episode One in 35:31 Research and Development in 17:13
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HL21 is out!

13 Apr 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

The moment we've all been waiting for. Half-Life speedrun in 21 minutes is finally out!
What are you waiting for? Go watch it now!
In-depth video commentary is coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

List of runners:
  • quadrazid
  • Pineapple
  • coolkid
  • YaLTeR
  • Spider-Waffle
  • FELip

For those who are unfamiliar with HL21 - this is a speedrun of Half-Life 1 that Spider-Waffle and quadrazid began planning in mid-2010. At that time it was estimated to be 27 minutes long.
The speedrun finally entered the running stage on the summer of 2012 with a time estimate of 24 minutes. Many skillful runners have joined to create the ultimate Half-Life speedrun. During the running process, new tricks and routes have been discovered, dropping the estimated time down to 21 minutes.

And here it is! Half-Life in 899 jumps, 317 segments, 20 minutes and 41 seconds.

High-quality download links:
http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/10000855 720p60fps torrent
http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/10000909 720p120fps torrent

Centaur1um temporarily stepping down from the SourceRuns administration

10 Mar 2014 -  Written by D4rw1N

Centaur1um (Jared), the founder of this community, told me today that I'm going to be handling the SourceRuns administration on my own for some time. Since SourceRuns has been substantially growing for quite a while now there's a lot of members, projects and questions that at some points need to be taken care of in different ways. That means that sometimes your personal life can get in the way of managing a community like this, and Jared feels he needs to focus on other important things the coming weeks/months.

Completely understandable and respectable, and in reality this doesn't really mean that anything is going to be changed around here. What it basically means is that if you have questions regarding official SourceRuns business (stuff like uploading to the channel, the forums, joining the Skype group chat, our Dropbox and other ideas or questions in general) you should turn to me (instead of Jared and/or me). And depending on what subject it's about I'll most likely redirect you to a prominent member of the community handling his own project within SourceRuns. We are a community and that means we're all working together on achieving stuff.

As I mentioned this is only temporarily and doesn't really mean that much. But just so you know, until Jared get's back, just turn to me if you have any official SourceRuns questions or ideas.

Registration Temporarily Disabled

01 Dec 2013 -  Written by Centaur1um

Since we have been receiving so much spam lately, I have decided to temporarily disable registration, at least until this can get this situation under control. We're not the only site who has been receiving a mass influx of spam, so I imagine this won't be a SourceRuns-exclusive thing. We'll open registration (at least between now and when the spam isn't an issue anymore) whenever we release a run on our youtube channel, but only for a week or 2.

I apologize to anyone this inconveniences. If you really need to register, email me @ centaurium4@gmail.com, and I'll allow you to register.

UPDATE: Registrations have been re-enabled.


09 Aug 2013 -  Written by Centaur1um

 If you don't want a carrot now, put it in a ziplock bag and bury it then you have a treat in 3 years I live alone.

SourceRuns YT Partnership

12 Dec 2012 -  Written by Centaur1um

Hey guys, the SourceRuns Youtube channel was just partnerized this afternoon.  I was thinking now that we can make money from this, that this should go into the betterment of this site, and should go back to the people who uploaded their speedruns to our channel.  Just a thought.

SourceRuns Wiki

29 Aug 2012 -  Written by ˙executλble

We've figured a Wiki about speedrunning Valve's games would be a pretty nice project.
After some hard work on it, we've decided to finally post about it on the forums.

I'm glad to present it you - THE SOURCERUNS WIKI.
You can reach it through the header menu or through the board redirect on the main page of the forums (nice try on clicking the text, hehe).

Most of the Wiki is yet to be done, most of stuff is still WIP. If you see something that shouldn't be in that place, let Cameron:D know about it, so he might fix it some time.

We kindly ask every one of you to contribute in this project by writing an article, or two. You can write about everything speedrunning-related, as long as it's about speedrunning or breaking Valve's games.

SourceRuns Stream

20 Jul 2012 -  Written by S.

The SourceRuns Stream is a fact!

Check it out at http://twitch.tv/sourceruns

Lots of work needs to be done still but I'll take of that tomorrow (or someone else takes care of that if they want).

If you want to stream ask Jared or me or Cameron or whoever for the password/stream key.

Guess we'll need a few rules because obviously only one person can stream at a time. Communication is key.
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