Rexaura - 7:34 Blue Portals - 5:56 Residual Life - 20:57 Black Mesa: Uplink - 3:05 Half-Life: Decay - 19:20 Xeno Project II - 5:05 Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Done Quick Portal Prelude Inbounds - 7:55 Person of Interest - 2:23 Portal 2 Done Perfect - 57:15 Gunman Chronicles speedrun - Coming Soon Portal 2 Coop in 25:48 Portal Done Inbounds Half-Life in 21 minutes Spherical Nightmares in 6:01 Portal Inbounds in 10:47 Mountain Caves in 0:18 Half-Life 2: DWaHMoV - HL2 Speedrun in 1:27:31 Mission Improbable in 4:32 DangerousWorld in 10:34 Aberration in 2:52 Precursor in 9:29 Half-Life 2: Episode One in 35:31 Research and Development in 17:13
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Rule changes regarding HL2 and the episodes

24 Aug 2015 -  Written by Jukspa

Hello everyone!

As you might have heard there has been quite a bit of discussion about the rules for speedrunning Half-Life 2 and the episodes. This led to numerous arguments which didn't end up in any sort of consensus, so to solve these issues we held a poll about various things between the people who have done RTA runs in the past 6 months. The games that are affected are HL2 New Engine, HL2 Old Engine, HL2:EP1 and HL2:EP2. We're going to go through a transition period of two weeks after which these rules will go into effect on the leaderboards. If you know any active runners who are using the leaderboards then please let them know.

 The changes to the rules are following:
  • Menuing and pauses are counted towards the final time. As of right now the Livesplit timer doesn't automatically count these in so you will have to time these manually from the video and add that to the Livesplit game time if you want to submit a loadless time. Just upgrade to Livesplit 1.6 and the menus should be timed automatically! No manual timing needed.
  • You can no longer use modifications to your HUD that give you some sort of an advantage. The most common of these was disabling the white flashing while taking damage, which is no longer allowed. Modifications that clearly give you no benefit at all, like changing the font or altering the credits text are allowed.
For HL2 New Engine specifically:
  • You can no longer use maps from different versions. Most commonly this was being used in HL2 for using steampipe maps in the new engine unpack. So if you are using the Ghosting Mod or the Source Unpack you're going to have to update your maps. Here's a link to download the maps, optionally you can also get the newest version of the unpack as that has this issue fixed. To update your maps just copy and paste the map files to your maps folder.
  This means that the following things are still allowed:
  • save deletion
  • reload/kill commands
  • cl_showpos
  • r_portalsopenall
  • save/load bind
  • Ghosting mod(provided that you use the 5135 maps)
  • anything else that was allowed before that wasn't listed above as banned
What hasn't been decided yet is what effect this will have on the runs that are currently on the leaderboards, so if you have any thoughts on that or any questions on the specifics of the rules then feel free to post in this thread.

SourceRuns Marathon

04 Jun 2015 -  Written by Gocnλk

Update: Jul 22, The SourceRuns Marathon is now over! Thanks to all the runners and to everyone who watched the marathon, it was a really great experience! A list with all the speedrun videos done during the marathon can be found here.

Hello everyone!

After some silence, we finally have more news on the GoldSRC/Source speedrunning marathon that we announced earlier on June.
Quote from: Gocnλk
This marathon, which we're planning to place between the end of ESA (July 5) and the start of SGDQ (July 26), will be a mass-collection of speedruns of all of your favorite (gold)source games, by all your favorite SourceRunners. There will be no donations since this marathon is purely for fun.

We've finally finished taking submissions and planning the schedule for the event!
The SourceRuns Marathon will take place on July 20th, starting at 3:00PM UTC and will be running till July 21st!

Huge thanks to all the runners who submitted the games for the event.

The marathon's schedule can be found here:
Some minor changes are possible in case a runner isn't available or we're ahead of the schedule and need some filler content.

The whole marathon will be streamed on the SourceRuns Twitch channel. So if you would like, you can follow that for updates!

Stay tuned!

Half Life 2: Episode Two - Done Quick

05 May 2015 -  Written by BitRain

Itís been a long wait, 5 years to be precise, but itís finally here;

Presenting Half Life 2: Episode Two Done Quick in 30:36.705

Development of the run started immediately after SourceRuns released Episode One speedrun back in 2010, a small group of runners started routing Episode Twoís maps and eventually doing segments. The run has been in progress for a very long time, lots of game-breaking tricks were discovered that forced the run to be restarted 3 times until being finally finished, saving more than 6 minutes from previous time estimates.

Completed on the initial Orange Box release, Engine 14; Protocol 4104 of EP2 in 441 segments (out of which 194 are save/load segments) by:
Jukspa, Matmo, Elgu, S., BitRain, Blizik, Valvinraim and Eidgod

Thorough explanation of the run:

Watch it on YouTube

(All videos come with commentary as a second track)
Insane Quality: 1080p (25mbps)  Direct link, Torrent
High Quality: 1080p (12mbps) Direct link, Torrent
Standard Quality: 720p (10mbps) Direct link, Torrent


31 Jan 2015 -  Written by Centaur1um

(This has been in the registration agreement, but since that's indefinitely down, I'm going to post it here.)

With the implementation of these rules, we will no longer be warning people unless they've done something that's not posted here. If you break one of the rules, in most cases, it's an instant 5-day ban with the warning posted to you. The second infraction will lead to a permanent one. Furthermore, seniority doesn't excuse anyone from breaking these.


1. No spam of any kind. This includes creating topics when they're not necessary (IE making a topic asking for help just to figure it out seconds later), making nonsense posts, ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (this includes twitch), frequent posting for the sake of posting and not contributing in any way to the forum, and making multiple posts that could fit into one.

Furthermore, do not double post unless there's a good reason to bump the thread (for example if it's been inactive for a long time and there are still questions unanswered, or if you started the topic and have an update on the matter).

2. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE. I cannot stress this enough; if you're going to start arguments or purposefully try to get under other peoples' skin on our forums, please do not participate here. We've banned a member of HL2DQ because he has acted like a dick on multiple occasions, so we're perfectly okay with banning whoever we need to.

Due to the severity of what you've posted, we reserve the choice to skip the temp-ban and go straight to a permanent one.

2a. This also includes acting better than someone for no reason. Everyone is equal here, and no amount of outside influence will change that.
3. Don't overuse obnoxious (preferably any) memes, i.e. Lenny, anti-memes such as "so le funni xDDDD", or other popular memes (the one most common here is the "hl3 confirmed" one).

4. And of course, don't do things you wouldn't do on other forums, i.e. porn, gore, whatever.

Subject to change.

The SourceRuns Winter contest is now over!

07 Dec 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

The SourceRuns Winter contest has now ended!

The fastest time of the last map, surf_river_of_flame, has been achieved by sadf - 34 seconds!

It's been really great seeing the community submit so many demos for our event, some of the objectives were easy, some were hard, but we were mostly impressed by the amount and the quality of your submitted demos!

Starting December 10th up until December 26th, runners have been submitting their fast demos of our selected maps and the runners who collected the most points at the end of the contest have won.

Grand prize: Humble Indie Bundle 13 BTA.

2nd place gets GRIDô + Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy + Blackguards.
3rd place will be awarded with Always Sometimes Monsters + Full Mojo Rampage.

Here are the winners of the contest:
1st place - sadf
2nd place - Mikael
3rd place - YaLTeR

Congratulations! Detailed leaderboard can be found here.

A video compilation of the fastest runs can be found here!

We also want to give a big thanks to everyone who participated. Here's the special prize for you - a drawing of a polar bear by Elgu & exec!

We hope you enjoyed this contest, we're looking forward to do more of these in the future!

Happy holidays!

HL2DQ (Verified Cheating)

01 Dec 2014 -  Written by Centaur1um

Hello everyone!

So, today I wanted to make an important (unrelated to us in anyway due to its age) announcement that we have wanted to talk about for some time, but felt our reputation would be harmed or cause an unnecessary backlash from previous runners.

First off, I want to express my gratitude to the runners of HL2DQ. Their hard work and dedication has brought our community together, and without it, we wouldn't be where we are today, with 12,000 total forum posts, 10,000 subscribers and 1.7 million views on youtube, and over 300 members on our forums. We really can't thank you guys enough. However, this does not include the runner, bandit5k.

Back in 2009, the new SourceRuns team discovered that HL2DQ was a cheated run,  and should not count for any world record. This discovery is partially the reason DWaHMoV was made. Bandit5k, responsible for 13 segments throughout the run, decided he would take it upon himself to use both timescale, which is very clear in the Ravenholm segments, and, possibly, used different saves in some of the coast segments, which you can see when he has a different speed coming out of the tunnels. Because of his selfishness, he defiled what was an amazing achievement, and completely invalidated all of the runner's hard work. I apologize tremendously to all the runners who participated in HL2DQ, especially DaleLewill, who has been extremely supportive of our community since we started.

Bandit5k has since tried making a comeback to speedrunning, as he joined the hype with Portal 2's release back in 2011. Inexistence, TYPICAL, and I had to monitor his activity to make sure he would not ruin yet another run.

If anyone sees this person trying to participate in any speedrun-related project, please inform the run's head. We do not stand for nor tolerate this kind of dishonesty, and we feel responsible for making this aware, as it does reflect on our community.

For further proof, please check this video out: (Demos slowed down 30% by Heplooner)  (A break-down analysis by BitRain) (Comparison between Real-time and timescale by Centaur1um)

Thank you.

Person of Interest - EP2 Mod speedrun

17 Oct 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Here at SourceRuns, as you might already know, we've started taking speedrun submissions. Almost three weeks later, we've finally got our first submission - a segmented speedrun of a Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod "Person of Interest", beaten in 2:23 by Rama! Congratulations!

Done in 54 segments, this run is a lot more than you'd expect! Tons of ABH launches, damage boosts and even going Out of Bounds!

Enjoy, and keep submitting your runs!

SourceRuns starts taking submissions!

28 Sep 2014 -  Written by D4rw1N

First of all, let me just happily announce that Jared "Centaur1um" is back in business! After dealing with stuff in his private life, he's back in the administration of SourceRuns! Welcome back, brother. :)

Second of all, we have some big news... From now on we will start taking submissions!

Ever since the releases of runs like DWaHMoV and PDP-er, SourceRuns has gained a huge number of members and subscribers. This means that the "SourceRuns team" isn't as evident as it used to be, with many members focusing on different parts of Source running (some members only do Portal 1/2 running, some only Source mods, some only gold source games, etc. etc.). There's been a lot of members asking if we could feature their runs on our YouTube channel and previously we haven't had a system for taking submissions. Well, that's about to change!

We have seen a lot of really high quality runs in the forums lately and sadly those runs only a get a fraction of the views they deserve. By applying through the form (located at the bottom of the text) we give anyone the opportunity to submit their run of any Source game/mod of HL2, EP1-2, Portal or even Gold source (HL1, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, etc.) and with any category (least portals, crowbar only, etc.) given that the category is interesting enough to watch. The SourceRuns administration will review all submissions to ensure that the runs we upload on our YouTube channel holds very high levels of quality. Both in terms of video quality as well as how optimized the runs are.

This is what we expect from your run, in order for it to be accepted:
  • Encoded and rendered in 16:9 HD (720p is accepted but 1080p would be preferred).
  • If your run is segmented, the segment transitions have to be smooth and somewhat seamless.
  • Your run has to be very optimized. If you lose seconds here and there from sloppy BHopping/ABH'ing and/or your routes could easily be improved, your run will not be accepted.
  • Your run can not include any sort of copyrighted material what so ever. If a mod uses a licensed song for example, you need to either replace the music during that part or remove it completely.
  • Do not add any sort of editing special effects such as slow motion (duh), motion blur, lens flares, etc. The only alterations of the game we approve that may be added in post production are the runner's name, end credits and color grading to smooth out segment transitions.
More on high-quality video production:

If your run is accepted it will be uploaded to our YouTube channel with soon-to-be 10 000 subscribers. It will feature your nickname in both title (given that your nickname isn't a million characters long) and description, if you wish to add links to your twitter/twitch/steam etc. in the description you are welcome to do so.

Apply here, good luck fellow SourceRunners!


Since we have received a couple of questions, our ruleset has been updated.
  • The final video has to be in 60 FPS and encoded in a YouTube friendly way (meaning the 60 FPS works in the YouTube player).
  • You may upload your run(s) to your own/other YouTube channels as well, with an exception of any of the SDA affiliated channels.
  • You may submit your run to SDA and have it verified there.
  • The standard rule for timing your run may not always apply. Consult with us if you disagree with it for your specific mod/game.

Portal 2 Done Perfect

01 Sep 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Portal 2 Done Perfect is now out!

This is a segmented world-record speedrun of Portal 2 Single Player mode, completed in 57:15.117, done in a total of 90 segments.

Starting all the way back in May 13th, 2012, a team of 6 runners have worked on this run, finally finishing now.

List of runners in order of appearance:
A Baby

This run is done on the latest version of the game. This means that everything performed in this run is possible to do on the current Steam version.

Main thread:

European Speedster Assembly 2014

26 Jul 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Are you ready for another marathon?

Team Ludendi is back, this time with an even bigger, better, faster show - European Speedster Assembly! It starts tomorrow, July 27th 13:15 CEST and lasts till August 3rd.

And of course, how can any speedrun marathon go live without someone from SourceRuns? Get ready to see a whole set of (Gold)Source games!

On Monday, S. is going to run Half-Life 2: Episode One, and just after that you're going to see him race Elgu on Half-Life 2: Episode Two! A couple of days later, coolkid will be running Half-Life, followed by a run of Half-Life 2 by Elgu & friends.
Another non-traditional Source game is going to be featured in the show - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, ran by Elgu!

Don't forget about the Portal series! The first Portal game is going to be run by Wakecold, and Xebaz will do a Portal 2 Co-op run together with D4rw1N.

Keep an eye on other games as well - aside Half-Life, coolkid will also be doing runs of Mega Man, Swat 4 and Quake! You're also going to see S. running Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

That's a lot of SourceRuns action out there! Don't miss it!

The marathon is going to be livestreamed on Twitch throughout two streams. Both of them have a separate schedule, so you'll find yourself switching back and forth: - Blue stream - Yellow stream

And of course, here are the schedules of both streams. All times are being rendered in your local timezone.
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