A segmented speedrun of a Half-Life 2 mod “Dangerous World” by Rama in the time of 3:34.86

Done in 115 segments.

Runner commentary:

00:25 the mountain side is a slightly different change in the next map which allows me to pass through it
00:27 clip using the displacement of the ground
00:33 I clip into an easter egg room under the map that has a button which teleports you to a vent
00:35 this grenade blows away 2 filing cabinets blocking a vent I go into later
00:57 if you throw a grenade right before a level change you will instantly throw another one when the next map loads
01:09 if you have 0 grenades you will still throw 1 after the levelchange as long as you haven’t swapped weapons
01:20 save deletion
01:26 entering this room starts a timer for barney to spawn
01:28 I’m blocking a blast door by standing here so I can’t move
01:39 throwing a grenade into this room blows up the glass which lets me punt the orb earlier (saves ~15 seconds)
01:44 I have to wait for barney to spawn before punting the orb otherwise the game soft-locks
02:16 edgebug
02:37 I push the prop through the skybox wall so I can bring it with me later
02:48 the white flash triggers a timer that kills you and reloads your last save but I finish the map before that
02:55 save deletion
02:57 the map tries to force you to take the car by disabling the end game trigger if you exit it so I have to go back to the previous map and exit it there
03:02 there’s a clip brush blocking the way but I use the car’s entering animation to clip through it

  • Completed in 3:34.86
  • Game: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • Run type: Segmented, scripted

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