Every year, SourceRuns organizes some competition events for the community members to compete in.

The first competition events held by SourceRuns were the “Winter contests”. These are round-based competitions, each round lasting for about a week or so. Each participant has to do the given round task as best as they can, for which they are awarded points based on their performance at the end of the round. The participants who have collected the most points throughout the event, win the contest.

The SourceRuns Half-Life Jump Map Cup is a Single Elimination, Best of 3 tournament, played on a Half-Life 1 multiplayer mod Adrenaline Gamer. Unlike the Winter contests, it’s a live online event that is broadcasted on the SourceRuns Twitch channel.

The players ban two maps and pick a single map from the map pool in ABBA + AB manner, the remaining map being a decider. Then, a race is held on a server on these maps. First player to win two maps advances to the next round.

Half-Life Jump Map Cup #2

The second edition of this tournament was held in February 3rd, 2018 with 23 participants.

Map pool

  • bkz_junglebhop
  • gayl0rd_bhop
  • kz_anubis
  • dyd_axn_plant
  • kzsca_watertemple
  • agtricks
  • ztricks

Winners & Prizes

Total prize pool: 503.43€, first place share – 70%, second place share – 30%.

1st 🇧🇪 Beginner 353,50
2nd 🇹🇷 ThereIsNoNeedToRun 149,93

Tournament brackets


Half-Life Jump Map Cup #1

The first edition of this tournament was held in March 11th, 2017 with 23 participants.

Map pool

  • agtricks
  • ztricks
  • zjumps
  • destructo_hops
  • kzsca_watertemple
  • bkz_goldbhop
  • bhm_ramp

Winners & Prizes

Total prize pool: 200€, first place share – 70%, second place share – 30%.

1st 🇬🇧 PJC 140
2nd 🇸🇪 d0t 60

Tournament brackets


Winter Mini-contest 2016

Shortly after the 2015 Winter contest, a mini-contest was organized. This time it was a single round contest featuring a single mod map. The runner with the fastest time on the maps would win and have their runs uploaded to the SourceRuns YouTube channel.


Surface Run 🇷🇺 Bloodvez 1:52.080
Forest Ambush 🇺🇸 Paperboat 2:17.58


The winners of this contest were awarded with Humble Square Enix Bundle 3.

Winter Contest 2015

The second contest that took place in December 8 – December 23, this time including both GoldSrc and Source engines (mainly Half-Life 2), both being separated from each other.

GoldSrc rounds

  1. c1a0cam
  2. ag_longjump2 (furthest longjump)
  3. kz_desolate3
  4. bunnyrace_beta2

Source rounds

  1. d2_coast_08
  2. ep2_outland_07
  3. Mountain Caves (mod)
  4. d1_canals_07


1st 🇸🇪 CRASHFORT 🇫🇮 Elgu
2nd 🇫🇮 sadf 🇫🇮 Jukspa
3rd 🇱🇹 execut4ble 🇮🇩 BitRain

GoldSrc leaderboards
Source leaderboards


Total prize pool: 140$

1st places: $40
2nd places: $20
3rd places: $10

Winter Contest 2014

The very first contest event that took place December 10 through December 25, 2014, limited to Half-Life 1.


  1. e1m1 all enemies
  2. c2a5f crowbar only
  3. bkz_goldbhop
  4. surf_river_of_flame


1st 🇫🇮 sadf
2nd 🇸🇪 Mikael
3rd 🇷🇺 YaLTeR


Compilation video


Grand prize: Humble Indie Bundle 13 BTA
2nd place: GRID™ + Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy + Blackguards
3rd place: Always Sometimes Monsters + Full Mojo Rampage