Community Round-up (July-October)

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Hey! Here’s what happened since July til the end of October:

  • The SourceRuns Marathon 2016 took place in August (12th-13th) with over 35 games ran by the community members, as well as a fundraiser, raising a total of $621 for National Alliance on Mental Illness. A list of all speedrun VODs is available over at the forums.
  • After the success of the 2016 SourceRuns Marathon, and after many requests for more frequent content over the years, we have started hosting “mini-marathons” every 2 weeks on our Twitch channel, featuring runners in and around the community, and featuring more than just Source and GoldSRC games! If you have ever wanted to get involved with SourceRuns, or just want to show off some of your runs, please contact us directly on the forums, Twitter, or on our Discord (, and we’ll be happy to include you in one of our events! This is open to all speedrunners from all communities, so don’t be afraid to submit a non-source game, too!
  • Traderain made a program to analyze demos and saves from any source or goldsource engine demo or save to eliminate the need of multiple tools. It’s still in heavy development, but you can try it out here.
  • You are now required to provide run demos when submitting your time to GoldSrc game leaderboards on We have updated our “Getting Started” guide to help you set up the game for this rule.
  • A new version of Bunnymod XT has been released, adding lots of new useful features. Make sure to update.