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Oh hey! This looks new, doesn’t it?

Welcome to our new website! It’s something we’ve been working for a while. As the name implies, it’s still in beta, and there’s a lot of things that need to be done until it’s complete, but we’ve decided to go live with it anyway.
If you dislike the change and/or just prefer the old site, it’s still available over here for the time being.

Feel free to look around. As you can see, a lot of planned content is still missing, the site loads pretty slow (will be way better later on) and some of the features we want to add are still on their way. Check our to-do list below.
The forums will remain at the same place, but an interface overhaul is planned soon too.

Website to-do:

  • Set-up proper game/engine hubs (65%)
  • Add speedrun pages
  • Add/finish “Getting started” guides (40%)
  • Add a Downloads section
  • Transfer user accounts, for now you’ll have to make a new account
  • General tweaks/improvements

..and whatever we come up with later..

We hope to finish these things fairly quickly, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please make a post on the forums or in the new comment section 🙂

Take care!