• GoldSrc Package – All-in-one speedrunning client, containing all the tools, games and expansions. Based on the latest Steam version of the games (build 6153).


  • Bunnymod XT – Cross-platform tool that provides speedrunning and TAS-related features for GoldSource games such as Half-Life and its modifications. Bunnymod XT Injector is required.
    Version: jul-23-2023, downloaded 21118 times
  • Bunnymod XT Injector – Tool used to inject Bunnymod XT into the game.
    Version: 3.2, downloaded 24487 times
  • LiveSplit – A timer program for speedrunners that is both easy to use and full of features.
    Version: 1.8.29, downloaded 11171 times
  • hl-capture – A powerful tool for capturing Half-Life videos on Linux.
    Version: 0.1, downloaded 138 times
  • Half-Life Advanced Effects – Collection of tools to enrich GoldSrc (Half-Life 1, Counter-Strike 1.6, Team Fortress Classic, Day of Defeat, …) and Source (mainly CS:GO) engine based movie making.
    Version: 2.162.0, downloaded 1863 times
  • RInput – Tool that eliminates Windows mouse acceleration, enabling raw mouse input.
    Version: 1.31

Maps (click for more)

Here are some classic jump maps you can practice on or try to beat the record.

  • ag_longjump2 – A map to practice the longjump technique.
  • agtricks – Usually ran with AG settings (sv_maxspeed 300).
  • bhop – Simple bunnyhopping map with selectable distance up to 4096 units and a timer.
  • bunnyrace_beta2
  • c1a0cam – c1a0, but from a different perspective.
    Made by quadrazid for the SourceRuns Winter Contest 2015.
  • destructo_hops
  • e1m1 – Quake’s e1m1 ported to Half-Life.
  • e4m3 – Quake’s e4m3 ported to Half-Life.
  • q_mirror
  • zjumps


Crosshairs, HUDs and more coming soon!


  • Animation-less viewmodels – Weapon viewmodels for Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift with removed idle animations. Useful for speedrun videoediting.
  • Half-Life build 6027 – Downgrade patch for Steam, used to bring back support for in-game _special scripts.
    Note: Might break compatibility with injectable tools such as Bunnymod XT and Half-Life Advanced Effects.