These are the game clients that you can use for speedrunning. More information can be found over on the forums.

  • Source Unpack – All-in-one Half-Life 2 and Portal speedrunning package, containing most of the tools and helpful configs.
    Version: 2.3, Engine version: 5135, Size: 2.0GB, ReadMe
  • Episodic Unpack – All-in-one Half-Life 2 Episodes (EP1 & EP2) speedrunning package.
    Version: 1.0, Engine version: 4104, Size: 3.8GB
  • HL2 Old Engine Unpack – Half-Life 2 Old Engine Unpack, runs as a Source mod.
    Version: 2.0, Engine version: 4104, Size: 308MB, ReadMe


  • Source Pause Tool – a collection of tools for Source speedrunning, including autopause, autojump, duckspam and so on..
    Version: 04-2024, downloaded 926 times
  • VolvoWrench – a tool which lists information about Valve made game’s files.
    Version: 1.0.14, downloaded 590 times