Significant ruleset changes in GoldSrc leaderboards

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UPDATE (APRIL 2nd): The changes have caused a massive uproar within the community, therefore, after some intense consideration, we have decided to cancel them. The rules will be rolled back to their previous state. Happy holidays everyone! ???

Hello everyone,

After some thorough discussions with the moderators of GoldSrc games’ speedrun leaderboards over at, we have reached an agreement to ban the usage of the widespread tool “Bunnymod XT” in speedruns. The reason behind this decision has to do with BXT being an external injectable hack that modifies the game’s integrity in order to simulate a behaviour of certain game versions, i.e. running WON version on a Steam distribution of the game.

We feel that the usage of Bunnymod XT prevents us from verifying the true legitimacy of the runs, as the game is being modified and is no longer the vanilla game that is being distributed on CDs or through Steam. In other words, WON speedruns should be done strictly on WON version distributions of the game, as doing otherwise can introduce a lot of unknown artifacts that were never part of the original game.

  • From now on, runs of GoldSrc games will have to be done on official, unmodified (vanilla) releases of the game.
  • In addition, all previous runs using Bunnymod XT will be removed from the leaderboards.

We’ve also made some minor rule changes to accommodate things like timing methods, run verification and other things that have relied on the use of Bunnymod XT. Please read carefully through the updated rules section of each game of your interest.

We do not tolerate cheating in any shape or form. Anticheat improvements are currently being discussed and worked on for potential future cases.