Community Round-up (March-June)

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Hey! This is our second community round-up post. In the first one we promised to do these bi-monthly, but since we’ve been very busy (releasing HL2DQer and stuff), we had to delay it until now. A lot of things have happened since then, but we’ll try to cover them anyway!

  • As you may have noticed, the forums got a new look and also moved to a new domain at
  • A scripted speedrun category was added to the Half-Life Blue Shift leaderboards
  • There have been some overall rule changes for the leaderboards of most GoldSrc games. As a result, “wait” command is now banned in scriptless runs, a PS2 Category was added for Half-Life, and runs with different difficulties (WON Hard and WON Easy) were merged to a single category (WON).
  • A major, GAME BREAKING glitch, called “Save Warping” has been discovered by Rama on GoldSrc and Source games with triggerdelaying. BitRain has made a video explaining it here. Another good example of the glitch is this particular run of Half-Life’s Hazard Course by YaLTeR.


  • Two speedruns of Half-Life: Source have been started! Why two, you might ask? One of them is following the traditional approach, while the other is using the newly discovered Save Warping glitch.
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One Done Quicker has been restarted once again, and is slowly progressing, currently at ep1_c17_00. Follow the progress at the timesheet.

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