SourceRuns Marathon 2016

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UPDATE 08/14: The SourceRuns Marathon 2016 is now over! Over the two days we’ve managed to raise $621 for the National Alliance of Mental Illness, which is almost 2.5x more than our original goal of $250! Thank you for tuning in and for your donations, we hope you enjoyed the show! Look out for a list of highlighted marathon runs in the forums!

UPDATE 08/10: Schedule is finalized, and we’re ready to go! The marathon will start at 15:00 UTC and will be streamed on our and YouTube channels. Don’t miss it!

UPDATE 08/03: Submissions are now closed. The official dates for the marathon are August 12th and 13th. Schedule is being worked on.

It’s that time again, time for another SourceRuns marathon!

This year will be the second annual marathon hosted on where Source and GoldSrc speedunners will livestream runs of their game of choice as fast as possible in front of a live audience.

The marathon is currently in the planning stage, so we don’t have an official date yet, but it will most likely be sometime after ESA. In the meantime, all speedrunners are welcome to sign up here!

We accept all games based on the GoldSrc and Source engines, as well as all of their mods! It’s a good opportunity to show off your skills in that one mod you wished got more attention within the speedrunning scene.

Submissions will be open for a week until July 21st two weeks until July 28th. After that, we will pick the most suitable date for all runners and start building the marathon schedule.

A follow-up post will go live after the deadline with more details (dates, schedule and so), so stay tuned for that!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the forums thread.