SourceRuns Half-Life Jump Map Cup #2

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The second SourceRuns Half-Life Jump Map Cup is finished! 🇧🇪 Beginner takes the crown with a 3-1 victory against 🇹🇷 ThereIsNoNeedToRun, congratulations! We want to thank all participants for entering the cup and showing off some incredible skills to us … Continued

Introducing a command whitelist in GoldSrc game leaderboards & other changes

Hello everyone, Recently we had a discussion in our Discord server about allowing and disallowing some certain console-exclusive commands that were being used in various speedrunning techniques. The commands in question were: bxt_hud_viewangles bxt_hud_entity_hp bxt_hud_distance bxt_hud_origin bxt_hud_selfgauss cl_yawspeed cl_pitchdown thirdperson s_show … Continued

GoldSrc Leaderboards Verification Update

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Following the most recent Bunnymod XT update, rules on our GoldSrc leaderboards regarding verification have been amended. Before this update, demos were barely ever used for “RTA” speedruns (runs that use the loading of saves) because of the setup you … Continued

HL21 is out!

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Half-Life speedrun in 21 minutes is finally out! What are you waiting for? Go watch it now! In-depth video commentary is coming soon, so stay tuned for that. List of runners: quadrazid CRASHFORT … Continued