A tool assisted speedrun of Portal in 5:13.665 by Jukspa.

Special thanks to:

  • YaLTeR – TASing tools
  • Fnzzy – video editing / rendering
  • Mikael – routing
  • Imanex – routing
  • Nan0kub – routing
  • Rama – routing

Note: Final time is the time between gaining crosshairs after the wake up animation and losing them after beating GLaDOS.
This run was done on build 5135, some glitches might be harder to perform on the Steam version of the game. The strafing
in the video has been smoothed a bit to make it easier to watch.

Video download links:
720p (Medium): https://mega.nz/#!VFwCiRJZ!yeEVw5D4S3…
1080p (High): https://mega.nz/#!JVQVRJTC!D55_kFb_DE…
1080p (Insane): https://mega.nz/#!GBUm2LpL!XM3m56j4ZR…

Commentary video:

Check out Jukspa on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jukspa

  • Completed in 5:13.665
  • Game: Portal
  • Run type: Tool Assisted Speedrun
  • Runner: Jukspa
  • Timesheet https://goo.gl/V4iRDr