Half-Life 2 Done Quicker is a segmented speedrun of Half-Life 2 in 40 minutes, 49 seconds performed by the SourceRuns team utilizing the original, retail engine released in 2004. It’s also the same engine used in the run Half-Life 2: Done Quick by the HL2DQ team in 2006; the run Done Quicker aimed to replace.
Old engine has significant movement differences, as well as a long list tricks and glitches now patched. The most notable are bunnyhopping and prop-flying.

The tricks that allowed to save the most time were triggerdelaying (also present in Half-Life 1) and a new version of save-buffering. Both of these tricks are exclusive to this engine, and were discovered fairly recently (in 2014).


Half-Life 2 Done Quicker – HQ720p 1.49GB 60 720p .torrent file
Half-Life 2 Done Quicker – IQ1080p 6.31GB 60 1080p .torrent file


For videos explaining various tricks used in the run, check out this playlist!


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