This is a segmented Portal speed run by Nick “Z1mb0bw4y” Roth, Josh “Inexistence” Peaker, Nick “Gocnak” Kerns, and special guest “Xebaz”, in the time of 8:31.93, and in 24 segments.

Portal Done Pro-er (this run) is our improvement of the current segmented Portal speedrun, Portal Done Pro (PDP). However, to be SDA legal we have done our run without using scripts/cheats/hacks for any portion of the run. This run first started after the discovery of a new glitch, which snowballed into a whirlwind of discoveries of new tricks, skips, and glitches. We started running chambers in April, took a brief hiatus, and then resumed work in late June. The bulk of the run was completed in about 2 weeks time. The final result cuts roughly 53 seconds of realtime off of PDP, bringing the total time to 8:31.93. This run is the second official run of a commercial title to be released by the Sourceruns team, and the second run to be submitted to SDA. However, it is the first Sourceruns project to be done without scripts.

Demos Download:

And for further verification, SDA has now verified this run to be SDA legal.…

  • Completed in 8:31
  • Game: Portal
  • Run type: Segmented, No Scripts
  • Explanation: