A speedrun by .executλble and YaLTeR, on the new and rebuilt HL2:EP2 mod Mission Improbable in the time of 4:32

Done in 20 segments total!

Segment info:

Map Segment # Runner Time
mimp1 01 .executλble 46,515s (intro, doesn’t count into the final time)
mimp1 02 YaLTeR 4,365s
mimp1 03 YaLTeR 5,595s
mimp_intermission 04 YaLTeR 6,93s
mimp_intermission 05 YaLTeR 3,375s
mimp_intermission 06 YaLTeR 6,135s
mimp_intermission 07 YaLTeR 13,815s
mimp2 08 .executλble 5,895s
mimp2 09 YaLTeR 7,95s
mimp2 10 YaLTeR 4,815s
mimp2 11 .executλble 124,45s (2m 4,45s)
mimp2 12 .executλble 18,495s
mimp2 13 .executλble 8,54s
mimp2 14 YaLTeR 8,595s
mimp2 15 YaLTeR 7,74s
mimp2 16 YaLTeR 4,14s
mimp2 17 YaLTeR 10,26s
mimp3 18 YaLTeR 4,815s
mimp3 19 YaLTeR 20,325s
mimp3 20 .executλble 124,785 (contains outro, which was not counted)
  • Completed in: 4:32
  • Game: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
  • Run type: Segmented, scripted

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