A tool assisted speedrun of a Half-Life 2 mod Overawe in 31.68s by OnTrigger.

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0:02 – For some reason this crowbar spawns 10 other crowbars all across the room. Picking up one will remove all of them.

0:07 – I unduck, jump on the ground and pick up the shotgun. Then do multiple microjumps inside that hole and get thrown out at full speed.

0:09 – It was impossible to cross this gap in a straight jump, as there was another clipbrush in the way.

0:11 – I jump twice on each staircase to get more speed. 700 is the average ups i got on those stairs.

0:16 – RNG manipulation to get a grenade

0:21 – I throw the grenade to open up the gate and (close to) perfectly strafe inside of it

0:23 – Used a barrel as a slope to fly onto a plank. From there I have to be very careful with my health (I originally intended to fall down the shaft at the end without having to avoid falldamage, but that didn’t work out)

0:27 – Edgebug


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  • Completed in 31.68s
  • Game: Half-Life 2: Overawe
  • Run type: TAS