A speedrun of Portal mod Rexaura in the time of 7:34.815

After 6 months of routing and segment attempts, we are pleased to present this speedrun of the Portal mod Rexaura in 7:34.815 by Nan0kub, Jukspa, Mike, Icykittenz, Bitrain, Can’t Even and Fnzzy, in 111 segments of which 44 exist purely for save/load abuse.

This run saves about 2:35.365 over the combined best times of all MrMopi’s RTA runs (WR holder).

This run is done on the last pre-SteamPipe build of Portal, with Rexaura maps from the latest Steam release (with permission from the mod developer). In the latest Steam build of Portal, everything is still possible, but some tricks are harder to perform.