A segmented speedrun of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, completed in 30:36.705 by the SourceRuns Team, done in 441 segments on Hard difficulty using various scripts.

After years of hard work, the SourceRuns Team is very happy to bring to you Half-Life 2: Episode Two – Done Quick!

Thorough explanation of the run: http://bit.ly/ep2dqwrittenexplanation

Higher quality 60 fps downloads (with audio commentary on second track):

Insane Quality: 1080p (25Mbps)
http://goo.gl/80zkEJ – Direct link
http://goo.gl/X0cWHX – Torrent

High Quality: 1080p (12Mbps)
https://goo.gl/yeIp0B – Direct link
http://goo.gl/BhY7H3 – Torrent

Standard Quality: 720p (10Mbps)
http://goo.gl/hy9uEI – Direct link
http://goo.gl/q0IBA3 – Torrent