Launch Half-Life 2 with HL2.cmd and Portal with Portal.cmd.
You can change the launch parameters in HL2.cmd and Portal.cmd to your desire, by default it is set to
skip the startup video (Valve logo) ("-novid"), start in windowed mode ("-window"), the window will
have no borders ("-noborder"), will have a resolution of your current screen resolution, up to 1920x1080
("-w 1920 -h 1080") and be positioned in the very top left corner of your screen ("-x 0 -y 0"). The game
will also launch with hardware DirectX level set to v9.0+ ("-dxlevel 95"), which is standart setting for
those games.
For more Launch options:
YaLTeR's Source Pause Tool is included. You can enable it by typing "plugin_load spt" in the console.
With SPT you can enable autojumping with "y_spt_autojump 1" and enable autopause with
"y_spt_pause 1". These commands are useful for segmented runs. More info:
There are configuration files made specifically for segmenting runs in the "portal/config" and
"hl2/config" folder, you can enable it by opening "autoexec.cfg" and removing the "//" from in front of
the "exec autoexec_segmenting.cfg" command on the bottom of the config file, loading this
configuration enabled autojumping as well.
The binds included:
src_load: Loads a save file in the SAVE folder if it's named "1.sav", you'd use this save as the
start of your segment.
src_rec: Starts recording a demo named "mysegment.dem" which will appear in the root of the
"hl2" or "portal" folders.
src_start: When you load your save the game is automatically paused, this command unpauses
the game and starts the segment.
src_stop: Stops the segment, creates a save called "mysave.sav" in the SAVE folder, and ends
the demo recording.
You can customize the binds by replacing "MOUSEx" with whatever you want.
RInput is included to remove any mouse acceleration in the game, making mouse movements more
accurate, to launch the games with RInput enabled launch either game from the RInput folder.
For more info:
How to install mods (Only mods dependand on Half Life 2 or Portal, Source SDK2013 mods won’t work):
1. Go to your "steamapps\sourcemods" folder.
2. Copy a mod folder (for example, "portal prelude") into the Source Unpack folder.
3. Create a copy of either HL2.cmd, or Portal.cmd, that does not matter and name it, for example,
"Portal Prelude.cmd".
4. Right click the .cmd file that you just created by copying and choose "Edit".
5. Replace "-game hl2" or "-game portal" with "-game <your mod folder name>", however note
that if your mod folder contains spaces, like "portal prelude", you will need to surround <your
mod folder> with double quotes, for example: -game "portal prelude".
6. Launch the mod with the .cmd file that you just created.
Need splits? Get em' here:
Unfortunately, Ghosting mod is banned because of bad map mixtures used in the mod.