Person of Interest - 2:23 Portal 2 Done Perfect - 57:15 Gunman Chronicles speedrun - Coming Soon Portal 2 Coop in 25:48 Portal Done Inbounds Half-Life in 21 minutes Spherical Nightmares in 6:01 Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Coming Soon Portal Inbounds in 10:47 Residual Life speedrun - Coming Soon Mountain Caves in 0:18 Half-Life 2: DWaHMoV - HL2 Speedrun in 1:27:31 Mission Improbable in 4:32 DangerousWorld in 10:34 Aberration in 2:52 Precursor in 9:29 Half-Life 2: Episode One in 35:31 Research and Development in 17:13
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Person of Interest - EP2 Mod speedrun

17 Oct 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Here at SourceRuns, as you might already know, we've started taking speedrun submissions. Almost three weeks later, we've finally got our first submission - a segmented speedrun of a Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod "Person of Interest", beaten in 2:23 by Rama! Congratulations!

Done in 54 segments, this run is a lot more than you'd expect! Tons of ABH launches, damage boosts and even going Out of Bounds!

Enjoy, and keep submitting your runs!

SourceRuns starts taking submissions!

28 Sep 2014 -  Written by D4rw1N

First of all, let me just happily announce that Jared "Centaur1um" is back in business! After dealing with stuff in his private life, he's back in the administration of SourceRuns! Welcome back, brother. :)

Second of all, we have some big news... From now on we will start taking submissions!

Ever since the releases of runs like DWaHMoV and PDP-er, SourceRuns has gained a huge number of members and subscribers. This means that the "SourceRuns team" isn't as evident as it used to be, with many members focusing on different parts of Source running (some members only do Portal 1/2 running, some only Source mods, some only gold source games, etc. etc.). There's been a lot of members asking if we could feature their runs on our YouTube channel and previously we haven't had a system for taking submissions. Well, that's about to change!

We have seen a lot of really high quality runs in the forums lately and sadly those runs only a get a fraction of the views they deserve. By applying through the form (located at the bottom of the text) we give anyone the opportunity to submit their run of any Source game/mod of HL2, EP1-2, Portal or even Gold source (HL1, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, etc.) and with any category (least portals, crowbar only, etc.) given that the category is interesting enough to watch. The SourceRuns administration will review all submissions to ensure that the runs we upload on our YouTube channel holds very high levels of quality. Both in terms of video quality as well as how optimized the runs are.

This is what we expect from your run, in order for it to be accepted:
  • Encoded and rendered in 16:9 HD (720p is accepted but 1080p would be preferred).
  • If your run is segmented, the segment transitions have to be smooth and somewhat seamless.
  • Your run has to be very optimized. If you lose seconds here and there from sloppy BHopping/ABH'ing and/or your routes could easily be improved, your run will not be accepted.
  • Your run can not include any sort of copyrighted material what so ever. If a mod uses a licensed song for example, you need to either replace the music during that part or remove it completely.
  • Do not add any sort of editing special effects such as slow motion (duh), motion blur, lens flares, etc. The only alterations of the game we approve that may be added in post production are the runner's name, end credits and color grading to smooth out segment transitions.
More on high-quality video production:

If your run is accepted it will be uploaded to our YouTube channel with soon-to-be 10 000 subscribers. It will feature your nickname in both title (given that your nickname isn't a million characters long) and description, if you wish to add links to your twitter/twitch/steam etc. in the description you are welcome to do so.

Apply here, good luck fellow SourceRunners!

Portal 2 Done Perfect

01 Sep 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Portal 2 Done Perfect is now out!

This is a segmented world-record speedrun of Portal 2 Single Player mode, completed in 57:15.117, done in a total of 90 segments.

Starting all the way back in May 13th, 2012, a team of 6 runners have worked on this run, finally finishing now.

List of runners in order of appearance:
A Baby

This run is done on the latest version of the game. This means that everything performed in this run is possible to do on the current Steam version.

Main thread:

European Speedster Assembly 2014

26 Jul 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Are you ready for another marathon?

Team Ludendi is back, this time with an even bigger, better, faster show - European Speedster Assembly! It starts tomorrow, July 27th 13:15 CEST and lasts till August 3rd.

And of course, how can any speedrun marathon go live without someone from SourceRuns? Get ready to see a whole set of (Gold)Source games!

On Monday, S. is going to run Half-Life 2: Episode One, and just after that you're going to see him race Elgu on Half-Life 2: Episode Two! A couple of days later, coolkid will be running Half-Life, followed by a run of Half-Life 2 by Elgu & friends.
Another non-traditional Source game is going to be featured in the show - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, ran by Elgu!

Don't forget about the Portal series! The first Portal game is going to be run by Wakecold, and Xebaz will do a Portal 2 Co-op run together with D4rw1N.

Keep an eye on other games as well - aside Half-Life, coolkid will also be doing runs of Mega Man, Swat 4 and Quake! You're also going to see S. running Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

That's a lot of SourceRuns action out there! Don't miss it!

The marathon is going to be livestreamed on Twitch throughout two streams. Both of them have a separate schedule, so you'll find yourself switching back and forth: - Blue stream - Yellow stream

And of course, here are the schedules of both streams. All times are being rendered in your local timezone.

Portal Done Inbounds

13 Jul 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

We've released a new world-record Portal speedrun in the inbounds category!

This run was started back in February, just a month after we released our 10:47 run. Yes, a new speedrun shattering our own record from 7 months ago. It's crazy to think that all the new tricks discovered in such a short time has allowed the runners to save up to 1 minutes and 29 seconds! This run is also a lot more heavily segmented - it's done in 135 segments, compared to the 51 segments in the old run.

This run also beats an old Portal Done Pro run, which was done using the Out of Bounds routes!

Go watch the run here or download a high-quality video torrent.

Also, check out the timesheet to see all the time saved over the old run.

SourceRuns at SGDQ 2014

20 Jun 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble
Looks like we're having a speedy summer this year!

Team Ludendi have just finished their mini-marathon at DreamHack, and now, just a week later, Speed Demos Archive is hosting a Summer Games Done Quick speedrun marathon on June 22nd to June 28th.

Some of you might remember the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon that was held this winter; many great speedrunners gathered to run their favorite games.
This time Gocnak is going to show off his awesome Half-Life 2 strats, while z1mb0bw4y will race Norferzlo in Portal! Just after that, Phantom is solo-ing Portal 2's co-op stages!

See the whole schedule here:

Remember that this is a charity marathon, so you can donate money which will be sent to charities such as Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Team Ludendi marathon at DreamHack Summer 2014

14 Jun 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

Now that DreamHack Summer 2014 has kicked off, Team Ludendi are hosting a speedrun marathon there, right in front of the DreamHack audience.

Coolkid will doing speedruns of Half-Life, Quake and Mega Man, so don't miss this great opportunity to watch them!

A lot of other great games will also be ran on the marathon, as well as a couple of races.

The whole marathon is being livestreamed at
Game schedule, times are CEST

Half-Life run done.

HL21 is out!

13 Apr 2014 -  Written by ˙executλble

The moment we've all been waiting for. Half-Life speedrun in 21 minutes is finally out!
What are you waiting for? Go watch it now!
In-depth video commentary is coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

List of runners:
  • quadrazid
  • Pineapple
  • coolkid
  • YaLTeR
  • Spider-Waffle
  • FELip

For those who are unfamiliar with HL21 - this is a speedrun of Half-Life 1 that Spider-Waffle and quadrazid began planning in mid-2010. At that time it was estimated to be 27 minutes long.
The speedrun finally entered the running stage on the summer of 2012 with a time estimate of 24 minutes. Many skillful runners have joined to create the ultimate Half-Life speedrun. During the running process, new tricks and routes have been discovered, dropping the estimated time down to 21 minutes.

And here it is! Half-Life in 899 jumps, 317 segments, 20 minutes and 41 seconds.

High-quality download links: 720p60fps torrent 720p120fps torrent

Centaur1um temporarily stepping down from the SourceRuns administration

10 Mar 2014 -  Written by D4rw1N

Centaur1um (Jared), the founder of this community, told me today that I'm going to be handling the SourceRuns administration on my own for some time. Since SourceRuns has been substantially growing for quite a while now there's a lot of members, projects and questions that at some points need to be taken care of in different ways. That means that sometimes your personal life can get in the way of managing a community like this, and Jared feels he needs to focus on other important things the coming weeks/months.

Completely understandable and respectable, and in reality this doesn't really mean that anything is going to be changed around here. What it basically means is that if you have questions regarding official SourceRuns business (stuff like uploading to the channel, the forums, joining the Skype group chat, our Dropbox and other ideas or questions in general) you should turn to me (instead of Jared and/or me). And depending on what subject it's about I'll most likely redirect you to a prominent member of the community handling his own project within SourceRuns. We are a community and that means we're all working together on achieving stuff.

As I mentioned this is only temporarily and doesn't really mean that much. But just so you know, until Jared get's back, just turn to me if you have any official SourceRuns questions or ideas.

Registration Temporarily Disabled

01 Dec 2013 -  Written by Centaur1um

Since we have been receiving so much spam lately, I have decided to temporarily disable registration, at least until this can get this situation under control. We're not the only site who has been receiving a mass influx of spam, so I imagine this won't be a SourceRuns-exclusive thing. We'll open registration (at least between now and when the spam isn't an issue anymore) whenever we release a run on our youtube channel, but only for a week or 2.

I apologize to anyone this inconveniences. If you really need to register, email me @, and I'll allow you to register.

UPDATE: Registrations have been re-enabled.
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